Missing teeth mess up your everyday life. They make it hard to eat, smile, and speak.

Don’t live that way. Get teeth replacements that work as well as the real thing. Come to Johnson Dentistry for dental implants for these reasons (and more).

1. Put Power in Your Bite

Implants are made to replace the roots of your lost teeth. Like roots, your implants are embedded in your jaw. By recreating this direct connection to your jaw, you are able to generate more force when you bite and chew. That allows you to eat your favorite foods again.

2. Recreate Your Smile

When you have missing teeth, you have gaps in your smile. Implants can be used to support crowns, bridges, and dentures. In other words, no matter how many teeth you have lost, you can have a complete set of teeth with implants.

3. Protect Your Jaw

Implants do another important job that is easy to overlook. That’s because you can’t see it. Many people lose bone density in their jaw when they lose teeth because they no longer have roots to stimulate new bone growth. With implants, you can provide that stimulation to keep your jaw in good shape.

Get the best replacement teeth that you can. Get dental implants. Call Johnson Dentistry at 979-279-8839 or schedule an appointment online in Bryan, TX.