Eliminate Your Tooth Infection With a Root Canal

The bad reputation that root canals have is unwarranted, at least at our office. A root canal procedure is no more uncomfortable than getting a tooth filled! It will actually eliminate the throbbing pain from a diseased tooth, not cause you more pain.

Root canal therapy is necessary when the inner part of the tooth, known as the pulp, becomes infected. This can happen either from an untreated cavity or from injury. Either way, the pain can become quite intense.

Rather than extracting the hurting tooth, in most cases we can save it with a root canal. Dr. Johnson will use rotary endodontics to perform your procedure. Compared to manual tools, this advanced approach makes your procedure faster, more precise, and more comfortable.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Dr. Johnson will clean out the infected pulp, sanitize the tooth, and then seal it to prevent further problems.
  • While it isn’t always necessary, a new CEREC crown (made the same day) will provide a finishing restoration for your repaired tooth, strengthening it and helping you regain all your biting power.
  • When your procedure is complete, your pain will be gone, and your tooth will look beautiful and be fully functional.

You don’t have to suffer any longer! Root canals in Bryan can help your mouth feel better fast. Call us now at 979-279-8839 to schedule your appointment.