Tooth Fillings Maintain An Attractive Smile
  • Stay healthy with mercury-free fillings
  • Enjoy the natural appearance of non-metal fillings
  • Nervous kids can relax with laughing gas

Repair Dental Decay With Tooth Fillings in Bryan

Stats Image 40% of smokers have untreated decay. Source.
Your twice-yearly visits to see Dr. Johnson for a checkup will go a long way toward keeping your mouth healthy. However, if you do happen to get a cavity, our Bryan tooth fillings will:

  • Repair your tooth completely metal-free
  • Blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth
  • Stop decay and prevent further damage to your smile
  • End the pain of your diseased tooth
  • Require less alteration to your healthy tooth structure

If you have an anxious child who needs a tooth filled – don’t worry. We can provide kids safe inhaled sedation using laughing gas. Ask us for more details when you call 979-279-8839 to schedule an appointment. We’re located at 3702 Coppercrest Drive, not far from Alton Bowen Elementary.

Reverse Damage With Tooth-Colored Fillings

Our patients love that Johnson Dentistry is a metal-free dental practice. That means any fillings you receive from us will be completely free of metal. Dr. Johnson uses composite resin material to form our great-looking dental fillings. This durable material is made up of tiny particles of glass and plastic that bond to your teeth to repair tooth decay.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Dr. Johnson will use a guide to select the appropriate shade of composite to blend in perfectly with your other teeth.
  • Once he applies the resin and sculpts it to look natural, we will use a special lamp that instantly hardens and cures the filling.
  • You will leave our office ready to bite and chew any kind of foods you want. Your new filling should give you many years of use.

If your cavity is more substantial and an ordinary filling won’t work, we can place an inlay or onlay instead. These long-lasting restorations are usually made from lifelike porcelain and bond to the top (inlay) or top and sides (onlay) of the tooth. We’ll take impressions of your tooth so that our lab partner can customize your new restoration to exact specifications. If you have even more extensive damage, we can make a crown for you right in our office, using our CEREC system.

Call us today to schedule your filling or to get your tooth examined at your next regular checkup: 979-279-8839. You can also request an appointment online. Our Bryan tooth fillings will repair dental damage and look great in your mouth!

Common Questions About Tooth Fillings

What are white tooth fillings made of?

White fillings are made out of either composite resin, a blend of ceramic and plastic, or porcelain. We can match the color of these materials to your other teeth so they will look completely natural in your smile. Unlike amalgam (metal) fillings, white fillings don’t contain mercury. So they’re a good choice for patients who prefer to avoid mercury.

What tooth fillings are safe?

At Johnson Dentistry, we have chosen to offer only metal-free, tooth-colored composite resin fillings. We want to give our patients complete peace of mind about their oral health, so we don’t place any metal fillings here. While many experts believe that metal fillings pose no risk to patients, we prefer to be more conservative with our treatment.

When do tooth fillings need to be replaced?

We use primarily composite resin fillings here, with an average life span of approximately five to seven years. However, the actual lifetime of your filling will be determined by several factors, including where the tooth is located, how big the filling is, what material the filling is made from, your oral care regimen, and how often you eat hard, crunchy, or sticky foods.

How much does a tooth filling cost?

Without having you seated in our dental chair so we can take an up-close look at the damage to your tooth, it is difficult to give you an estimate on your tooth repair. After an exam and a set of X-rays, we will present you with a treatment plan so you can decide what’s best for your needs, whether that’s a filling or another restoration like a crown.