Extraction Site Preservation in Bryan Can Make Implants Possible

Tooth removal can lead to bone loss and make it difficult or impossible to get replacement teeth. However, extraction site preservation in Bryan can:

  • Maintain the bone, teeth, and gums where a tooth has been removed or lost
  • Preserve your jawbone so it can support dental implants
  • Prevent a “sunken-face” look that results from missing teeth
  • Make replacement teeth possible, renewing your smile and your bite

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Keep Your Jaw Healthy Enough for Replacement Teeth

Preserving the area around a tooth extraction site can make it possible for you to get dental implants. Implants support several types of teeth restorations like crowns, bridges, and dentures, filling in your smile and giving you back a strong bite. To receive implants, you need sufficient jawbone for them to fuse with. Many times after a tooth extraction or tooth loss, the bone mass in that area begins to deteriorate. In time, your jaw may become so weak or thin that placing implants is not possible.

Preserving a tooth extraction site can help you maintain a strong jawbone. Even if you’re not ready to get your new implants now, your jaw will be healthy enough when the time is right.

A bone graft is one of the best ways to keep your extraction site healthy. It:

  • Can often be done at the same time as your tooth extraction, saving you the unnecessary hassle of a second appointment
  • Stimulates the growth of new bone cells by placing bone material, usually synthetic, in the jaw
  • Will keep your jaw strong
  • Help prevent changes in your facial structure that can cause a “sunken-face” look

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