Rest Soundly Without a CPAP

Sleep apnea episodes can occur hundreds of times per night – and you most likely are not even aware of it! The word apnea comes from a Greek word that means “breathless” or “without breathing.” If you suffer from this condition, your tongue and soft tissues in the back of your throat relax and temporarily block your airway.

When your airway becomes obstructed, your brain will signal your body to wake up and take in more oxygen. After you do, you drift off to sleep again – until the next cycle of sleep apnea occurs. Because of this frequent lack of oxygen and resulting sleep deprivation, the condition is linked to serious health issues like diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes.

We offer sleep apnea treatment that not only minimizes these health risks but also reduces snoring. Our simple, custom-made oral appliance:

  • Fits comfortably in your mouth while you sleep
  • Adjusts your lower jaw slightly to help keep your airway open
  • Helps keep air from flowing past those soft tissues and causing you to snore

The result is that you’ll sleep better – and your household will, too! You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about using a bulky, noisy CPAP machine. While CPAP therapy is effective for sleep apnea symptoms, many patients have a hard time getting used to it. With our help, you can avoid a CPAP, sleep better, and feel better!

Help for sleep apnea in Bryan is available from Dr. John A. Johnson Jr. Call us today to schedule your appointment: 979-279-8839. You can also request an appointment online for a sleep apnea consultation or to discuss your symptoms at your upcoming checkup.