Your snoring is making it hard for you – and your loved ones – to get a good night’s rest. Worse, if it’s due to sleep apnea you are more susceptible to serious health conditions such as high blood pressure and stroke. Typically, one of two methods is used to treat it: a CPAP machine or a sleep appliance.

Both methods work by keeping your airway clear throughout the night, enabling you to breathe easily. A CPAP sends a stream of pressurized air into your throat, while the appliance moves your jaw slightly forward into a position that opens the airway.

Whether or not you have a sleep disorder, an appliance will stop your snoring and improve your rest. Dr. Johnson can fit you for a custom-made appliance that will fit you perfectly. Since it’s made just for you, it will be more comfortable and effective than an over-the-counter appliance.

To see if you’d benefit from an oral appliance, call us today at 979-279-8839 for an appointment in our Bryan, TX office. In the meantime, check out some of the reasons many patients choose a sleep appliance instead of a CPAP:

  • Foolproof Usage – A CPAP requires a power source, either batteries or electricity and water (with manufacturers recommending distilled water). No additional supplies are needed with a sleep mouthguard. You simply wear it in your mouth, similar to a sports mouthguard. 
  • Greater Comfort – A CPAP can leave you with a dry mouth and throat. Plus the mask itself may cause some irritation, especially at first. The appliance is easier to get used to, and most patients find it more comfortable. 
  • Minimal Distraction – It can be tough to relax while wearing a mask and dealing with the tubing that connects the mask to the machine. Plus, a CPAP can be noisy. Both you and your bed partner may find it distracting, especially if you are light sleepers. The appliance is much more discreet. You won’t have to make any changes to your bedtime routines. 
  • Easier to Transport – Thanks to its small size, you can take a sleep mouthguard with you anywhere you go. It can be used just about anywhere too, even on an airplane or in a car. 

If you think you might have sleep apnea or just want to stop snoring, call Johnson Dentistry at 979-279-8839 today.