If you’ve lost most or all of your teeth, you are probably anxious to get your smile back. While conventional dentures are an option, you’ll enjoy many added benefits with dental implant dentures. 

Once they are placed in your jaw, implants fuse to your jawbone, creating an extremely stable foundation for implant dentures. This means they are:

  • Less Likely to Slip Out of Place – Conventional dentures simply sit atop your gums, held in place by suction (possibly supplemented with adhesive). This means they are susceptible to shifting out of place. In contrast, implant dentures aren’t going anywhere! They stay securely in place, no adhesive needed. 
  • Easier to Take Care Of – In many cases, you just brush and floss like you always have to keep your implant dentures clean. Plus, you won’t need periodic relining procedures to maintain the fit of your implant dentures. 
  • Better for Your Facial Structure – In the first year after tooth loss, your jawbone shrinks about 25 percent. The shrinkage continues, which changes your facial structure and makes you look older. However, implants keep your bone from shrinking by stimulating your jaw when you chew. 
  • More Like Natural Teeth When You Eat – Implants also give you a bite almost as strong as the one you had before losing teeth. So you can easily enjoy a wide variety of foods, including treats like crispy apples. 

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