New outfits that your kids pick out can help them feel confident when they start school back. Your kids will also feel confident by having a clean, bright smile. We can help them look their best with back-to-school cleanings.

Other kids notice a smile with built-up tartar and bad breath. With routine cleanings, your kids can keep their smiles looking good, feeling good, and smelling fresh.

At your kids’ regular hygiene checkups, we’ll:

  • Clean and polish every surface until it shines
  • Visually examine their mouths for signs of existing or potential problems, from cavities to misaligned teeth to impacted wisdom teeth
  • Take digital X-rays to see any issues in detail
  • Discuss a treatment plan to restore their smiles
  • Provide extra protection with sealants and/or fluoride
  • Take measurements for a custom athletic mouthguard
  • Address any concerns they have or you have
  • Provide instruction on the best ways to brush and floss
  • Keep them comfortable with laughing gas if they have dental anxiety
  • Discuss payment options with you, like insurance and financing 

Make sure your kids feel proud about their smiles now and into the future with back-to-school cleanings in Bryan. If they’re due for checkups, call Johnson Dentistry at 979-279-8839 now. You can also request an appointment online.

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