With the use of an effective cosmetic dentistry treatment, you can dramatically turn around your oral health care and improve the look of your smile with a simple treatment. Even a single cosmetic dentistry restoration or replacement can tremendously improve your oral health status and the look of your teeth and gums.

If you are in need of a cosmetic dentistry treatment, think about the oral health care benefits of each procedure. Some are specifically designed to enhance the appearance of your smile while others come with the added benefit of protecting your teeth and gums. Dental crowns and dental veneers are tooth restorations that can conceal teeth and drastically enhance their look with customizable shells. Teeth whitening treatment systems are designed to naturally whiten your teeth, and dental bonding treatments can be used to help repair and fix minor ailments.

No matter the dental damage you have suffered to your smile, not only can cosmetic dentistry treatments be sued to improve its look, many also add an additional layer of protection to help prevent future damage from occurring. Dr. John A. Johnson Jr. and all of our fantastic team are located in Bryan, Texas. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Johnson Dentistry for cosmetic dentistry treatments, please call our dentist office at 979-279-8839.