Losing your teeth is never a good thing. Fortunately, you have some incredible teeth replacement options with dental implants.

Whether you need to replace a single tooth or all your teeth, implants can help you. We have seen the benefits for many of our patients at Johnson Dentistry in Bryan, TX.

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Restore Function

Implants act as replacement roots for your crown, bridges, or dentures. This allows you to enjoy the full function of healthy, natural teeth. You can eat what you like and speak without your replacement teeth shifting and sliding.

Protect Your Jaw

By replacing your roots, you also provide stimulation to your jawbone every time you bite or chew. That stimulation encourage new bone growth. This prevents bone loss and keeps your jaw stronger and healthier.

Made to Last

Implants can last a long time. Many people keep the same implants for life, which makes them a long-term investment in your smile and your oral health.

You can have more than just a complete smile again when you get dental implants. You can feel like you have real teeth.

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