Many times when a tooth is lost to severe dental trauma, untreated tooth decay, or severe periodontal disease it also compromises the underlying bone structure in that part of the mouth. This can complicate certain dental restorations such as a dental implant.

In many of these cases, Dr. John A. Johnson Jr. might recommend a bone graft to prepare sufficient structure to anchor the dental restoration. This is a minimally invasive oral surgery where a small amount of healthy bone tissue is carefully inserted into the compromised area.

Once this is done Dr. John A. Johnson Jr. will suture your gums. Then he will provide you with a prescription for any necessary anti-inflammatory or pain medication to help you remain comfortable while your gums heal. Other specific aftercare instructions will be provided, by Dr. John A. Johnson Jr.

As time goes by the bone grafted material will naturally bond with the existing structure in the area. Once this has been achieved Dr. John A. Johnson Jr. can start the standard process of installing a dental implant with a dental crown.

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