If you’re anything like us or the patients here at Johnson Dentistry, you have some prep work at home and final errands to run before the July Fourth holiday. If you’re hosting the cookout this year, you probably have a list to check off at the grocery store: burgers, steak, baked beans, corn on the cob, chips, potato salad, drinks, cookies.

If only you could actually enjoy those foods. Well, your ill-fitting dentures can probably make it through the baked beans and potato salad without too much discomfort and hassle.

On a day of celebration, you shouldn’t be stuck watching everybody else enjoy the spread. You shouldn’t have to pick and choose what you can eat – and that goes for any day of your life.

Dental implants can solve this problem and much more. Don’t let your poorly fitting dentures steal these basic freedoms in life. See us for an implant consultation so we can get you living life fully again: 979-279-8839.

We Have One Solution to Every Problem With Bad Dentures

It may have been so long since you’ve enjoyed a meal with family without thinking about your teeth that it’s now second nature. We don’t believe coping with ill-fitting dentures should be second nature to anyone. That’s why we offer strong dental implants that secure replacement teeth.

Unlike dentures, implants are placed under your gums inside your bone. These tiny metal posts or screws then become part of your bone – the reason they’re so strong, much like your real teeth. It’s also why they last so long, often for life.

Their strength and longevity are the main reasons you can expect to:

Eat your favorite foods and nutritious foods like crunchy apples, nuts, and corn on the cob
Smile around anyone when you feel like it
Laugh fully and loudly, without restraining your teeth inside your mouth
Sing with your mouth wide open
Talk without embarrassment to friends, family, coworkers, and strangers alike
Show your true personality since you don’t have to hide your smile or stay quiet
Look younger since your jawbone structure will be preserved
Look more attractive with new teeth that look clean, healthy, and natural
Come across as put together and even wealthier
Get rid of denture adhesives and, in many cases, cleaning solutions
Care for your new teeth much like you would natural teeth
Improve your oral health with a healthier jawbone
Improve your overall health with a healthier diet and better digestion
Pursue the relationships and goals you want out of life, thanks to your renewed confidence
Have teeth that are virtually as comfortable, functional, and lifelike as real teeth
We Remove the Barriers to Your Life-Changing Implants

It’s one thing to want all these benefits for yourself and another to take the next step to embracing them for yourself. We understand that patients have many hesitations about getting implants for different reasons. No matter what yours are, and no matter why you’ve lost your teeth, we try to remove every barrier to your better smile and better self.

Cost – Insurance and financing can help make your costs easy to manage.
Pain – Although we don’t place the implants here, we work with an oral surgeon who provides effective numbing and sedation. You won’t have to worry about pain. And your restorations we place for you will go on painlessly. Our philosophy is to never work on a patient if they’re experiencing pain; we’ll stop and address it until they’re comfortable again.
Results – Technology can help ensure precise results but only in the hands of trained professionals. Dr. Johnson and your oral surgeon will coordinate your care using their specific skill sets and areas of expertise to ensure you get the best results possible.
Comfort – Our amenities like blankets and modern technology and techniques help keep you comfortable in our office. But comfort also includes a team who doesn’t judge you but rather treats you with respect and listens to every concern and desire you have.

We know the difference implants have made in our patients’ lives. Like them, you can restore your freedom to live life fully again. To get rid of your ill-fitting dentures, call Johnson Dentistry in Bryan at 979-279-8839 today. You can also request an appointment online.

Happy Independence Day!