You can have straight teeth. You may not need braces to achieve your dream smile.

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Discover these reasons for getting Invisalign.


Compared to braces, clear aligners offer you a smoother path to straighter teeth. The aligners are molded to fit your teeth at each step of your treatment. Since they are a single piece of plastic, you won’t have brackets and wires irritating the soft tissues of your mouth. 


It’s hard to hide the fact that you are wearing braces. This can make many adults hesitant to get the orthodontic care they want. In contrast, clear aligners that are custom-made for your teeth seem to disappear while you are wearing them.


This is even more important than the other features of Invisalign clear aligners. If they didn’t work on crooked and crowded teeth, gaps in your smile, and bite problems, then the other benefits would not matter.

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