Be ready for football, volleyball, or any other sport this fall. Make sure you have your custom athletic mouthguards by visiting Johnson Dentistry.

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Better Comfort 

When you are on the field, you want to be able to breathe, speak, and stay hydrated without taking out your mouthguards. Bulky, store-bought mouthguards can interfere with your ability to do that.

Improved Protection

Race car drivers wear five-point harnesses to keep them more secure than they would be with a standard seat belt. Similarly, mouthguards that are custom molded to fit your teeth provide better protection than boil-and-bite mouthguards.

Overall Savings

You don’t want to pay for the cost of emergency dental care or the follow-up restorative treatments to repair a healthy smile. A custom mouthguard can reduce your risk of broken or lost teeth.

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