Sometimes a toothbrush can seem to be such a common instrument that we forget to care for it. In reality, however, if you are not taking care of your toothbrush, you cannot expect it to take care of you. Storage techniques, brushing techniques, and the age of your toothbrush are all of the vital importance for excellent oral health.

When you store your toothbrush, you’ll always want to make sure that it doesn’t touch any other brushes, especially the bristles, as this can lead to contamination. Rather, store your brush upright in a well-ventilated area—on a toothbrush holder, for example.

The condition of your brush is vital. If your brush is damaged or worn, it will not work effectively. After 3-4 months, make sure to trade out your toothbrush for a new one. You’ll want to choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles with a brush head large enough to clean all areas of your mouth. In addition, use a toothbrush that features the ADA Seal of Acceptance or that which has been approved for use by your dentist.

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