Got a bad breath problem? You’re not alone. Almost all of us suffer from halitosis at least occasionally. And some of us have more persistent stinky breath. As your dentist, we can help you with both situations. 

In many cases, a dry mouth is behind your bad breath. If that’s the case, chewing gum can really help. This short video relates the results of a study in the Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice. As you’ll see, chewing gum increases saliva production. The saliva washes away compounds that cause bad breath. Choose sugar-free gum, and look for one that contains xylitol. This sweetener actually fights cavities. 

If you’re brushing and flossing every day and still have chronic bad breath, you should see us for a cleaning and exam. It’s possible that bacteria you’ve missed during your home oral hygiene is causing the problem. A thorough cleaning can take care of that. 

Chronic bad breath can also be caused by dental decay or gum disease. If we find these issues during your exam, we’ll treat them. It’s best to treat them as early as possible for the best results. That’s why we recommend getting an exam at least once every six months. 

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