You can have a more attractive smile without wearing metal brackets at wires. Instead, start by scheduling a consultation at Johnson Dentistry to discuss Invisalign aligners.

You could get these benefits during your treatment.

A Better Smile

First and foremost, Invisalign works. This orthodontic option has been transforming smiles for decades. You can clean your teeth more effectively when you have straight teeth and well-aligned bite.

Convenient Care

Aligners do not need to be worn 24 hours per day every day. You can remove them a few hours each day, which means you can continue eating all your favorite foods. It also means you won’t need to make changes or use special tools for your daily oral hygiene.

A Discreet Solution

Invisalign’s biggest feature (to many patients) is that is it discreet. You can achieve your dream smile without calling attention to your treatment.

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