You want to be healthy. You also want to be happy. These are both good reasons to schedule a dental cleaning and exam at Johnson Dentistry before the end of the year.

A lot of what has happened in 2020 has been outside of what we can control. However, you have a big say in the health of your mouth. Our team can help you keep it in good shape.

If you haven’t already done so, call 979-279-8839 to make your appointment at our office in Bryan, TX.

Keep Your Healthy Smile

The best approach to oral health is being proactive. This is why our team (as well as the American Dental Association) strongly recommends that your brush twice daily, floss every day, and visit us for routine checkups a few times each year.

The bacteria that cause plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum infections live inside your mouth. Your daily brushing and flossing is a great way to remove bacteria, plaque, and food particles (which provide fuel for the bacteria). This can keep the bad bacteria under control between professional cleanings.

When you come to our office, our team removes plaque that you may have missed. We’ll also remove tartar (which is plaque that has hardened). By making this part of your routine, you are less likely to develop cavities and periodontal disease.

At that same time, cavities and gum disease are common concerns. Most people will develop one or both at some point in their lives. This is yet another reason checkups are so vital. If we can find these problems in the early stages, it can make your treatments easier, more effective, and less invasive.

Protect Your Benefits, Too

If you have PPO dental insurance, you have another reason to visit us before the new year arrives. Many policies are structured to cover one-year intervals that often coincide with the calendar year.

Most dental plans also are designed to encourage preventive care. As such, many policies cover all or most of the cost of routine checkups. (Always be sure to check your plan for details.)

To put this another way, you have essentially been paying for basic care all year with your premiums. If you don’t schedule a cleaning, then you aren’t getting the benefit of what you have paid for already. We don’t want you to lose your benefits or your smile.

If you don’t have insurance, we are more than happy to help you, too. Our flexible payment options give you multiple ways to cover the cost of care.

We also want to remind you that your comfort and safety have always been priorities when you are visiting us. To keep you smiling, we have added new protocols in light of COVID-19 to keep you at our office.

We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon

You can close 2020 on a happy note. Schedule a professional dental cleaning and exam with our team. Keep your teeth clean and your mouth healthy. Take a proactive approach to preserve your smile. Call Johnson Dentistry at 979-279-8839 to request an appointment in Bryan, TX.