September is a busy time for us with all the back-to-school dental cleanings for kids. In Bryan, we see children as young as 2. But our family dentist office always has room for more kids! That means little ones can come in with Big Brother or Big Sister for a checkup, and both will leave with healthier, shinier smiles!

We love seeing the smiles on kids’ faces after getting their teeth cleaned here. After all, research shows a connection between children’s self-esteem and their oral health. Give your kids a boost of confidence by helping them have smiles they’re not afraid to show.

Listen to Dr. Johnson talk about how building confidence in the dentist starts at a young age. Then call Johnson Dentistry at 979-279-8839 or fill out our online form to request your appointment for back-to-school dental cleanings for kids in Bryan. They’ll love our fun staff and treasure chest!