Sleep apnea affects millions of people, but 4 out of 5 people with this condition are not aware that they have it. This isn’t something you should ignore.

For patients in Bryan, TX, Johnson Dentistry can help you treat your sleep apnea. Here are three reasons you should.

1. Get Better Sleep

Sleep apnea is indicated by frequent breathing stoppages, as many as dozens of times per hour and hundreds of times each night. This prevents you from getting deep sleep, which can lead to sleep deprivation and daytime fatigue.

2. Improve Your Health

People who have sleep apnea are more likely to develop high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. They are more likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes, too. By addressing your sleep issues, you may be prolonging your life as well.

3. Stop Snoring

This is a benefit for your loved ones. Loud and persistent snoring is one of the most common symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. By treating your condition, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate your snoring.

To get relief from your sleep disorder, talk to Dr. Johnson about how you can get diagnosed and what treatments are available to you. We can help you get a custom oral appliance that allows you to breathe easier, so you can get high-quality sleep. 

If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and rested, call Johnson Dentistry at 979-279-8839 or request an appointment online in Bryan, TX.