In order to ensure you receive can give you the oral health care you need, it is important to address any dental anxiety issues you may have. Dental anxiety is often linked to fears of the unknown and issues associated with visiting your dentist and the dentist office. If you are suffering from dental anxiety, speak with your dentist.

Dental anxiety often arises if you are in need of an oral health care procedure and are not quite sure what it entails. By speaking your dentist and fully understanding the treatment, it can help alleviate any concerns and reservations you may have. In addition, calming and relaxing music can be played in the office as well as squeeze balls and fidget spinners can be given to you to help get your mind off of treatment. If needed, sedation dentistry treatment options can also be given to calm and relax patients, and in some cases even put them to sleep if necessary. Other treatments include working on your breathing counts by breathing deeply and slowly and imagining yourself in a place that brings you joy, such as in a garden or at the beach.

If you require further treatment for dental anxiety treatments, Dr. John A. Johnson Jr. and our team at Johnson Dentistry will help you with your oral health care. If you would like to book an appointment with our dentist office in Bryan, Texas, please call us at 979-279-8839.