What are the most common causes of bruxism? What separates bruxism from standard teeth grinding? Typically, bruxism is characterized by the unconscious grinding and clenching of your teeth. This disorder can be brought on by a variety of different ailments, or even contribute to the creation of new ones. Correcting bruxism begins with noticing its signs and symptoms.

Sometimes you may grind your teeth as you eat as the result of malocclusions, which are bad bites due to misalignments. Bruxism refers to the unconscious act of grinding your teeth, typically done while you sleep. If you have a sleeping partner or roommate, ask if they have ever noticed you grinding your teeth loudly while you sleep.

Other signs can be noticed after you wake up. Check your teeth to see if they ever look dull or worn, or seem to be shorter than you remember. Also, be mindful of any pains or discomfort you feel after you wake up. This includes pain in your jaw or teeth. Check the insides of your cheek to look for any signs of tissue damage as the result of chewing them through the night. Another sign is a potential locked jaw that won’t fully open or close, as well as earaches that do not appear to be caused by your ear.

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