Design A Smile You Will Be Proud To Flash

With our team of tried and true professionals at the helm, you can transform the way your teeth look at Johnson Dentistry. Cosmetic treatments are one of our favorite things to do for our patients and, based on the size of their smiles when we’re through, it’s something they are pleased with as well.

As part of your initial cosmetic consultation, we will listen attentively to your concerns and discuss how you would like to improve your smile. Whether you want to make a minor shift or a total smile makeover, we can get the job done in a safe and effective manner.

We’ll go over all your treatment options so you can choose the one that’s right for you. Below are some of our most popular cosmetic dentistry services such as:

  • Dental Veneers— Your dentist can put thin porcelain shells on the front side of your teeth to instantly provide a more lovely look.
  • Teeth Whitening— Choose either in-office bleaching treatment or take home an expert bleaching set to use whenever you desire.
  • Tooth Bonding— This fast and budget-friendly treatment repair work small tooth defects like chips, fractures, spots, worn teeth, and misshapen teeth.
  • Gum Reshaping— Our mild laser will eliminate excess gum tissue to give you a more aesthetically pleasing smile line and get rid of a “gummy smile.”
  • Orthodontics – Straighten teeth that are crooked, overlapping, or gapped without relying on traditional metal braces. Choose one of our clear aligners systems for more comfortable treatment and faster results.

This is the perfect time to make those changes to your smile. Call 979-279-8839 to discuss the possibilities with a great cosmetic dentist in Bryan, TX at Johnson Dentistry. You can also request an appointment online.