Take Pleasure in Your Straight, Confident Smile

If you want to straighten uneven teeth, fix overcrowding and spaces, and repair problems with your bite, you don’t need to find an orthodontist in Sleepy Hollow. Instead, come to Johnson Dentistry for a doctor who has the experience, skill, and training to offer modern treatments catered solely to your requirements and goals for a new smile.

After a comprehensive assessment, we can consult with you concerning possible orthodontic approaches and other solutions that can correctly straighten your teeth for more convenient oral care, a more appealing, confident smile, and improved oral health. Below are several of our treatment techniques you can select from:

  • Invisalign – Get clear aligners that are made for your teeth. Your aligners carefully move your teeth into the desired places. Invisalign is comfortable, removable, and virtually unnoticeable. This alternative to metal braces does not disrupt your appearance, diet, or oral hygiene routine.
  • ClearCorrect – This aligner system is newer than Invisalign. It offers many of the same benefits. We will gladly answer questions about the differences during your appointment, so you can decide which is best for you.
  • TMJ Solutions – A misaligned bite can lead to problems with the temporomandibular joints, or TMJ. We can construct a dental appliance as part of your therapy for healing your jaw joints.

At the conclusion of your treatment, you should be completely satisfied with your smile. Many people with choose for professional teeth whitening to make their new smile shine bright.

You also don’t want to lose your new smile to preventable problems like cavities and gum disease. Make regular visits to our practice for dental cleanings and exams a part of your oral care routine.

Call 979-279-8839 or request an appointment online at Johnson Dentistry. Before you seek out an orthodontist in Sleepy Hollow, let us show you what we can do with our modern teeth-straightening solutions.