Safeguard Your Teeth With TMJ Treatment in Springs, TX

Get relief from chronic jaw pain and stiffness related to issues with your temporomandibular joints (TMJ). TMJ disorders (TMD) can be aggravated by teeth grinding, misaligned teeth, and more. Thankfully, we provide TMJ treatment in Spring, TX to:

  • End headaches related to TMD
  • Stop jaw pain
  • Prevent pain in your face, neck, and upper back
  • Restore your ability to eat without pain
  • Stop teeth grinding

Quit suffering due to your TMJ problems. Call Johnson Dentistry at 281-944-3634 for relief. This is just one of the ways we can help your smile at our general dentist office.

Solve Your Teeth Grinding to Prevent Other Problems

A number of factors can contribute to TMJ disorders. Arthritis, stress, and a misaligned bite could be affecting you. However, teeth grinding (bruxism) and clenching are common causes as well.

Many times, the treatment starts and ends with a simple solution:

  • We design a custom-molded night guard for you to wear while you sleep.
  • It acts as a barrier to keep you from grinding your top and bottom teeth against one another.
  • The night guard also keeps your jaw in a relaxed position, so you don’t wake up with a sore jaw, headaches, earaches, or other painful symptoms.

In some instances, you may need to realign your teeth or your bite to prevent teeth grinding. Orthodontics can be used to reposition your teeth and correct your bite.

We’ll Help You Stop Suffering From TMJ Disorder

No one should have their daily life disrupted by chronic jaw pain. Persistent jaw pain alone may not mean you have a TMJ issue, but you definitely should visit Johnson Dentistry soon if you have any additional symptoms:

  • Frequent headaches, earaches, or both
  • Problems chewing or opening your jaw
  • Clicking or popping when you open and close your jaw
  • Soreness in your face
  • Feeling like your jaw is stuck

Put your TMD concerns to rest. Call Johnson Dentistry at 281-944-3634 for TMJ treatment in Spring, TX. You also can request an appointment online.