The holiday season is just around the corner now that we have reached the final quarter of 2021. You may not believe it, but that makes this a good time to come in for a dental checkup. 

Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, your schedule can get pretty crowded. That’s why it’s better to make an appointment now — especially if you have dental insurance.

You do not want to lose the benefits that come with your plan when the calendar changes. Call 979-279-8839 today to set up your appointment at Johnson Dentistry in Bryan, TX.

Receive What You Paid For

Let’s say you purchased tickets to see your favorite football team play in a few weeks. You know exactly where and when the game will be played. On the day of the game, would you stay at home? Would you not even watch the game on television? No, you would want to take advantage of your opportunity to see your team in person.

You would want to use the ticket that you paid for, right?

We aren’t going to argue that going to the dentist is as fun as going to a game. Yet, if you don’t visit the dentist, then you aren’t using the service you have been paying for all year.

If you need proof, take a look at your paystubs. You will see where dental insurance premiums are taken out each payday.

That premium is helping cover some or all of the cost of services covered by your plan. This is meant to encourage you to get preventive care, such as cleanings and exams, so you can avoid problems or catch them as early as possible.

Would you rather avoid a cavity or need a filling? Would you rather get a filling or find out that you need a root canal because your tooth has become infected? The sooner you come in for care, the less likely you are to need more extensive treatment.

Your Benefits are Time-Sensitive

Your dental plan and the specifics of what is covered can change from year to year. Even if your employer renews care with the same insurance provider, the details of your coverage may change.

This is why your benefits are time-sensitive. Most plans specify a calendar year as the timeframe, although your plan may differ. Either way, this is a case of using it or losing it.

In order to maintain your oral health, you need regular checkups. Don’t miss your opportunity to get that treatment for little or no cost only from a trusted dentist in Bryan, TX.

Keep Smiling for Years to Come

If you want to protect your teeth and your smile, then you should plan to see us regularly. If you haven’t been to the dentist yet this year, then today is the day to schedule your appointment.

Call 979-279-8839 or contact us online to request an appointment at Johnson Dentistry in Bryan, TX.